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Infrastructure Hacks Call for Security Rethink
11 2011
The likelihood that critical infrastructures are woefully vulnerable has been predicted for many years by a few in security circles. Sadly, the reality hit home again last week with the disclosure of ongoing hacks on utilities at national and... Read more...
Shining a Light on the 'Darknet'
11 2011
A recent exposé by the hacker group Anonymous shone a light on the “Darknet,” the name given to an alternative network that operates beneath the backbone of the Internet. For those who know and use it, the Darknet has long been a place for... Read more...
State-Sponsored Malware Revealed in Europe
10 2011
Europe's largest “white hat” hacker group, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), recently reverse engineered and analyzed an anonymously submitted malware program. Nothing out of the ordinary for security researchers. However, to its surprise, the... Read more...
Anti-Virus, Is It Working?
10 2011
Competitive rivalry in the antivirus industry got a little bit nasty recently with public squabbling between rival companies. This may indicate tougher, more competitive times ahead -- or simply that conventional antivirus technology is becoming a... Read more...
ICHSUN and Operation Black Tulip
09 2011
As more fascinating details surrounding the major hack of Dutch Web security certificate issuer DigiNotar emerge, the overall consensus is that this was primarily about mass interception of digital communications in Iran, although some recent... Read more...
A Look at 'Googola's' Security Prospects
08 2011
"Googola" -- Google’s deal to acquire Motorola Mobility -- has intellectual property rights and security at its core. Google’s Android holds 48 percent of the world’s smartphone market, with 107.7 million units shipping in the second quarter... Read more...
Shady RAT: Revelations & Questions
08 2011
The "Year of the Hackers" would be an appropriate title for 2011, with the added disclosure of Operation Shady RAT. This adds to the growing litany of hacking revelations, and we are only just past half of the year. The report by McAfee Inc. (NYSE:... Read more...
Murdoch's 'Hackgate' Moves From Spark to Firestorm
07 2011
The great fire at News Corp. is not confined to phone hacking by staff of the News of the World in the UK. It would appear this conflagration could be spreading to the US. The NOTW "Hackgate" scandal has dominated, not only the UK, but much of the... Read more...

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